The Days of High Adventure

Underground City of the Dark Elves, Part Two

Enri, Smoke, Kriv and Sartan stand in the middle of the Old Ones’ Lair, exhausted from their battle. The floor is soaked with the blood and body parts of their enemies.

Across the room, a secret door opens in the wall. A tiefling stumbles into the room, out of breath. He introduces himself as Vashta, a Warlock, who has been exploring the underground city in search of arcane knowledge.


The group invites Vashta to join them in their quest to escape the underground city. They leave through the secret door and flee from the distant sound of a flute playing.

The group comes to a room with a portrait of the Spider Queen on the wall with a door to a very long corridor.


Kriv sets off a trap that releases a giant boulder behind them. Vashta spider scuttles up the wall while the rest of the group runs into the next room.

Rolling boulder 1

The group begins to battle two Jellies and a Hobgoblin while Vashta joins the fray, fleeing the boulder which has just smashed through the door to the corridor.

Rolling boulder 2

Kriv and Sartan are knocked prone by the Hobgoblin’s devastating attacks. Vashta, Enri and Smoke manage to fight off the enemies while the boulder rolls past them.

Rolling boulder 3

After the battle, the group encounters a room with broken pieces of statues. A sign reads “When the three heroes are in their places, the path to the Holy Crypt will be clear.”
Vashta and Enri quickly solve the puzzle and the group enters the Holy Crypt.

While exploring the crypt, Vashta is grabbed by a Bonewretch. Three Corruption Corpses and three skeletons emerge from hidden places to attack the group.

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While Enri blasts the enemies with her magical attacks and sends forth Bandit, Vashta scurries around the room and performs his stealthy ranged attacks, Cursing every enemy he can. Kriv moves towards the center and uses his Aegis Longsword’s daily power to mark all enemies within a burst 3. He then performs two swirling attacks dealing damage to many enemies.

Kriv uses Boundless Endurance to regenerate and finish off the skeletons and Bonewretches while the rest of the group heals. The group then finishes off the Corruption Corpses.

After the intense battle, they find their way back to the surface and head back to the Fey Forest.


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