The Days of High Adventure

Underground city of the Dark Elves, Part One

The group agrees to go with Sartan to stop the ritual. Thohand stays behind with Queen Maab.

On approach to the underground city, the group battles several spiders which have a powerful attack to which only Enri is resistant.

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The group descends a rope into the underground city, but are trapped in a chamber where the walls are closing in on them. Kriv quickly picks all three locks on the door while Enri holds off the creatures trying to kill them, and they all escape just as the walls come together.

Narrow escape2

The group then comes to an underground river and battles skeletons and spiders. Enri sends her familiar, Bandit, into the fray to distract the monsters.

River skeletons and spiders

Finally, Enri, Smoke, Kriv and Sartan reach the Old Ones’ Lair and meet their match. Many of the group nearly die several times battling Bugbears and Corruption Corpses at the Black Altar.

The group is successful and stops the ritual before it can be completed.


I swear it just worked out that way that Enri was resistant. There’s no favoritism in the Days of High Adventure!


No it’s just great that the group is balanced so that each class/race’s strengths and weaknesses compensate so well.


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