The Days of High Adventure

The Watch, Part Two

Enri, Kriv, Willaver and Smoke fight their way up to the fourth level of the Watch Tower fighting Kobolds and members of the Watch. Jedak escapes through a window. Tholamin asks for mercy in exchange for information on Jedak’s destination.

The group finds Jedak’s journals and his cache of items that he illegally confiscated from various townspeople. The group decides that Thohand and Mutt should take the evidence to the council while Enri, Kriv, Willaver and Tholamin pursue Jedak.

Tholamin leads the group to a ruin in the forest where Jedak is in the final stages of completing a dark ritual. The ritual summons a black dragon which gobbles up Jedak and turns to the group.

Kriv attempts to talk the dragon down through his knowledge of Draconic, but the black dragon makes clear its hostile intentions and attacks the group. After a long battle, the group kills the black dragon and takes its horns and scales as trophies. The party is surprised to see that Jeddak is still alive, though horribly disfigured from the acid in the pit of the black dragon’s stomach.
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The group returns to Thohand and meets with the council. The council rewards the group for putting down the Watch but sets Tholamin free. Jeddak is sent west to the Western Baronies for further justice.



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