The Days of High Adventure

The Watch, Part One

Enri and Kriv go to The Fey Trader, a tavern, run by Bren and Brenna.

Enri and Kriv meet Willaver Spellsword , a would-be adventurer, his manservant Mutt, and Thohand Songsteel, the local blacksmith. Enri and Kriv regale Willaver with tales of adventure, and tavernfolk gather ’round.

While there, they learn of the unethical activities of The Watch and its members, Jeddak (Captain of the Watch), Tholomin Pegason, Marlannon the Cruel and Jamril Quickshot. Enri and Kriv team up with Thohand and Willaver to put an end to the Watch.

A simple beggar shapeshifts into Grakul Silverkin, an assassin and member of the Watch, and runs out of the tavern to bring back the rest of the Watch to battle the adventurers. The group is shocked to find Tholomin Pegason fighting on the side of Jeddak. Marlannon the Cruel is killed and the rest of the Watch flees the tavern.
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The group decides to break into the Watch Tower to gather evidence for the Council, since a direct attack against the Watch would provoke the Guard.



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