The Days of High Adventure

The Siege of Fallcrest, Part I

The company travels to Tiandra’s tower in Mithrendain to report to Alan Grimm. The Eladrin receive them but are visibly nervous. Enri speaks for the company and tells the Eladrin that the war has been averted. Alan asks about Querelian, and Enri tells him that his whereabouts are presently unknown. Alan tells the company that Querelian is no longer Lost and Found’s problem.

Alan awards the company with several items of treasure, including a healing potion. Alan then walks over to Vashta and asks if he will accept Tiandra’s kiss. Vashta accepts, and Alan kisses him on the mouth. He tells Vashta that Tiandra has delivered her kiss to Vashta through him, and that he has received a boon. He gains +2 to knowledge skill checks but -2 to saving throws underground.

All the company’s diseases are cured.

On the night of the next full moon the company returns through the portal to Silverlake to a hero’s welcome. Regina returns home. The company visits Omaphara at the Fae Barrow. She is happy they stopped the war, but Querelian recently visited her and will not change from his path. He is here hunting the outcasts from the Jagged Fangs who fled to the mortal plane.

Enri determines that Omaphara is bound here by a curse and is able to dispel it. Pohr is happy and goes home.

The party returns to camp.

The hirelings present a letter from Clarissa. The letter states that Weyzig has been sent to Fallcrest for punishment. Clarissa needs the company to break the siege of the Bloodspear Orcs at Fallcrest. Clarissa has half of her mercenaries in the city of Fallcrest but she wants the company to run the blockade.


The company sets out for the Cloak Wood west of Fallcrest. They send Vashta east over the hills towards Fallcrest to spy on the Orc siege and determine the best point for clandestine entry into the city.

Vashta find a small picket of Orcs surrounding a deep pond near the entrance to some ruins. He is able to understand Giant speech and hears one of the Orcs say “Og has brought in a shaman to help break past the city defenses but he will not be ready until night.” Vashta returns to get the rest of the company.

The company is unable to surprise the Orcs so they attack while moving to block the Orcs from entering the ruins. Nor casts a spell on the leader of the Orcs and makes him fall prone into the pond. Meanwhile Kriv and Enri move towards the ruins while fighting the Orc Warriors. Vashta takes down one of the Warriors with Nypacian Serpents while Nor finished off another with his Sacred Flame. Enri kills two Warriors with her Fireball and Fire Shield while Vashta kills off the Archers. During the battle the Orc Captain tries to parlay. He offers to tell the company what is in the ruins if they let him flee the battle. He promises to run home. The company hears him out and learns that there are three fearsome creatures in the ruins that the shaman is trying to bring under his control. The party decides to finish off the Captain anyway.

They enter the ruins and find themselves trapped in a corridor. In front of them is a door with four locks. Vashta opens one lock but fails to open another. The room fills with poison gas and everyone takes damage.

Enri opens the remaining locks with Knock and the door is opened. They send Quiziri to investigate the corridor to the right and Bandit to check the way to the left.

The company is not certain which way to go. Enri casts Hand of Fate and it points to the left. Bandit opens the door and the company moves into the next room where the Orc Shaman is waiting.

From the three doorways appear three Cave Trolls! The company moves quickly to kill the Shaman first. While attacking the trolls they notice that the wounds are regenerating. Nor tells the company that the only way to truly kill these trolls is to finish them off with acid or fire after they are unconscious.

Cave Troll Battle I

During the battle, the trolls grab Kriv and Smoke and use them as improvised melee weapons to attack the other party members! Vashta turns into a diabolic brute and uses Fey Switch to swap places with one of the grabbed party members, effectively breaking the grab!

Eventually all the trolls are slain. Enri and Nor use acid to finish off two, Vashta uses fire on the other.

XP/GP Summary:
Awarded by Alan Grimm:
Mithril Crown 250gp
Moonstone Ring 250gp
Eladrin Circlet 250gp
Ivory Statuette 250gp
Citrine Ring 250gp
Eladrin Amber & Garnet Necklace 250gp
1 to Vashta
2 to Enri
2 to Nor
1 to Kriv
Healing Potion for Kriv
Kiss for Vashta; boon from Tiandra: +2 to all knowledge skill checks, -2 to saving throws underground.

+350gp Kriv sells Amber & Ring
-70gp Kriv purchases Religion components
-100gp Kriv purchases Arcane components
-100gp Nor purchases (2) Healing Potions
-100gp Vashta purchases (2) Healing Potions
Enri exchanges Amber for (2) Healing Potions
-50gp Kriv purchases (1) Healing Potion
-50gp Nor purchases Arcane components
-140gp Enri purchases Religion components
-250gp Enri purchases Arcane components

600XP/5=120 for freeing Omaphara from Querelian’s curse
1650XP/5=330 for Orc Picket
1150XP/5=230 for Orc Shaman and Trolls

Weapon of Myrdroon’s Shard +2 for Vashta
1500GP/4=375 treasure
Level 8 magic item for Nor


I will be revealing my magic item soon.

The Siege of Fallcrest, Part I

Also, there is a great picture of Jack and Erin on the flikr site. Click any of the pictures and it should take you to see the whole group.

The Siege of Fallcrest, Part I

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