The Days of High Adventure

The Garden of Graves, Part 2

The runes glow on the stone obelisk and the party is attacked by mundane campsite furniture!

While the party fights the animate constructs, Enri determines that the eye on obelisk, when closed, indicates that the obelisk is casting a sleep spell. Thohand runs over and forces the eye open. He takes a rubbing of the runes and creates a Scroll of Sleep.

Meanwhile a Will O’ Wisp appears and attacks. It appears to be under the control of the Devourer.

Devourer 2.1

They reach a map room where they find a loose flagstone in the wall. Kriv pulls it out and the wall collapses to reveal satyr corpses. Enri casts Speak to the Dead on one of the corpses and asks how it died. She hears “couldn’t find her – died from bugs…”

Devourer 2.2

The Hand of Fate points to the path to the Northwest. They follow elven carved footprints to a chamber. Kriv feels like nothing is real. They enter the chamber and Kriv continues to follow the footprints around a corner.

They battle some “angels” – during the battle Kriv discovers a secret trapdoor behind a statue where the footprints end. He opens it up and drops down into another plane. The party follows and discovers that they have found a network of tunnels through the Devourer’s demense.

Devourer 2.3

Rewards Summary:
5425XP/5=1085XP each
Scroll of Sleep for Enri



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