The Days of High Adventure

Kriv meets Enri

Kriv meets Enri in the shop of Douven Stahl. Jeddak of The Watch storms in and demands Enri turn over certain items in her possession. Jeddak holds up a mysterious sphere that knocks everyone unconscious.

Kriv and Enri wake up in a prison cell. Kobolds sneak in through a secret door and they escape into their lair. They come across a group of Kobolds attacking a defenseless wolf.

Enri and Kriv kill the Kobolds and rescue the wolf. The wolf seems to take a liking to Enri and follows her. The group decides to name the wolf Smoke and consider it a member of the adventuring party.

After several encounters climaxing over an unstable bridge, Enri and Kriv battle Dire Rats and are bitten, infected with Filth Fever.



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