The Days of High Adventure

Escape from the underground lair of the kobolds

Enri and Kriv recover from Filth Fever.

While fighting their way out of the underground lair of the Kobolds, they meet Tholomin Pegason who is the sole survivor of another adventuring group. Tholomin says his group was sent down here by Jeddak and seems afraid of him.

They join forces, explore the Drow library and fight an Ochre Jelly. Kriv finds the Couters of Second Chances.

The group continues to fight their way out across an underground river and through a final battle with the Kobold Wurm Priest. Upon his death, the Priest says “The peace has been broken” The group finds a way back to the surface in the middle of the city, where Tholomin Pegason flees to Jeddak, fearing for his life if he does not report in.



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