The Days of High Adventure

Adventures in the Fey Forest

After taking some time off after dealing with the Watch, Enri, Smoke and Kriv get an itch for further adventuring, and agree to travel east through the Fey Forest to the Nentir Vale. Thohand joins them.

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They battle Ghost Lights and meet Queen Maab who rules the Fey Forest. The Queen wants to know what the group is doing in her forest. Enri speaks to the Queen and makes clear the group’s peaceful intentions. Queen Maab asks if the group can help rescue her cousin Sartan from a group of Orcs, and promises to help the group travel through the forest safely as a reward.

The group agrees and travels to rescue Sartan from the Orcs. On the way they encounter and kill several zombies.
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On stealthy approach to the Orc hideout, Enri asks Kriv to slay a Dire Boar that is clearly the mount of one of the Orcs holding Sartan prisoner, but Kriv is unable to attack a creature until he knows its intentions are hostile. The disagreement becomes pointless as before Kriv can get within range of the Boar to attack it, Kriv stumbles on some pieces of broken rock which wake the Boar and it attacks.

A difficult battle ensues, and when one of the Orcs mounts the Boar and attacks the group, Kriv leaps on top and kicks its rider off several times, but is unable to control the Boar to use it to fight the Orcs effectively.

Near the end of the battle Kriv runs over to where the Orcs are holding Sartan so he can join in the fray.
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They are surprised to discover that Sartan’s physical form is that of a Unicorn!

Sartan says that the Orcs who captured him were sent by the Spider Queen. He has learned that the Spider Queen is performing a ritual in the underground city of the Dark Elves that will kill Queen Maab.

Sartan asks the group to follow him to stop the ritual.



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