Winterhaven, population 977

Most residents of Winterhaven have never traveled beyond the village vale. The majority of villagers rare farmers, thou the walled heart of Winterhaven employs various craftspeople as well. Wagons occasionally head east down the King’s Road from Winterhaven to find trade with the next village, which is five days away. Sometimes wagons come into Winterhaven, causing the villagers to excitedly gather in the market square to hear news of the outsidd and to buy new and exotic goods.

Keep on the Shadowfell

Several years ago a cult of Orcus took over the local ruined keep and attempted to open a gateway to the shadow fell. Kriv and a party of adventurers were able to disrupt the ritual, but the cult leader, Kalarel was able to escape. After this adventure, Kriv left with Douven Stahl for Hamber.

Winterhaven Locations

Wrafton’s Inn
Valthrun’s Tower
Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe
Warrior Guild
Inner Gate
Winterhaven Siege Supplies
Winterhaven Barracks
Manor House


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