Lost and Found

Lost and Found (abbrev. LNF) is a Good-aligned adventuring party founded in the city of Hamber during the adventure Escape from the underground lair of the kobolds.

Current Members:
*Enri, half-elf Wizard and her familiar, Bandit
*Kriv, dragonborn Fighter
*Vashta Nerada, Tiefling Warlock

Current Companions:
*Smoke, wolf striker (rogue)
*Thohand Songsteel, human leader (warlord)
*Regina Tress, human striker (ranger)

Current hirelings / henchmen:
*Simon the Farrier, shoes horses
*Chester the Groom

Past Companions
*Willaver Spellsword, human striker (invoker)
*Tholomin Pegason, human leader (cleric)

Lost and Found

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