The Days of High Adventure

"This knowledge is your only prize"
Our heroes enter the Demesne of the Summer Queen

Eladrin with blue glowing crystal arrive.

Maiden goes to one knee. Greets Prince of Frost. We ride his carriage to the Summer Queen’s demesne. Enri detects that the Prince and the Maiden are the only fey unaffected by the Devourer’s spell. Other creatures are drooling black ichor. The Queen is encased in ice. Enri feeds her healed ichor and Vashta heals her. She awakes and gestures toward the party. Pixies bring gifts.

  • Starglass Eye for Vashta
  • Tuathan Road Whistle for Kriv
  • (2) Unseelie Candles for Enri
  • Hag’s Doorknob for Enri
  • Fairy Field Catalog for Enri

The Maiden of the Moon turns to Kriv and pins a blue ribbon on his armor, naming him her champion.

The party returns to the Fey Passage.

The Garden of Graves, Part 4


Devourer 4.1 Furbolg

Dread Zombie Knights.

Devourer 4.2 Dread Zombies


Devourer 4.3 Heart

Silver key in corpse. Put in tapestry to unlock door.
Skulls and Emerald. We destroy the source of evil and free the Feywild from the Devourer.
Rewards Summary:
5000GP Emerald
5700XP/5=1140 XP each
600XP each for Saving the Feywild

The Garden of Graves, Part 3

Enri casts Remove Affliction on the gooey black roots of the Ivy Heart.

The party comes under the spell of the Gaming Tables.

Devourer 3.1 Game Room

Tapestry Room, Key Room, they go to the room where the clock timing can be seen and battle Lamia and Scarab Swarms.

Devourer 3.2 Tapestry

Devourer 3.3 Lamia

Rewards Summary:
2400GP Black Torque, Torq or Torc
7500XP/5=1500XP each

The Garden of Graves, Part 2

The runes glow on the stone obelisk and the party is attacked by mundane campsite furniture!

While the party fights the animate constructs, Enri determines that the eye on obelisk, when closed, indicates that the obelisk is casting a sleep spell. Thohand runs over and forces the eye open. He takes a rubbing of the runes and creates a Scroll of Sleep.

Meanwhile a Will O’ Wisp appears and attacks. It appears to be under the control of the Devourer.

Devourer 2.1

They reach a map room where they find a loose flagstone in the wall. Kriv pulls it out and the wall collapses to reveal satyr corpses. Enri casts Speak to the Dead on one of the corpses and asks how it died. She hears “couldn’t find her – died from bugs…”

Devourer 2.2

The Hand of Fate points to the path to the Northwest. They follow elven carved footprints to a chamber. Kriv feels like nothing is real. They enter the chamber and Kriv continues to follow the footprints around a corner.

They battle some “angels” – during the battle Kriv discovers a secret trapdoor behind a statue where the footprints end. He opens it up and drops down into another plane. The party follows and discovers that they have found a network of tunnels through the Devourer’s demense.

Devourer 2.3

Rewards Summary:
5425XP/5=1085XP each
Scroll of Sleep for Enri

The Garden of Graves, Part 1

On their journey to Silver Lake they encounter Kryath and his clan making way for the mountains. Kryath gifts Kriv with a Warhorse named Dauntless and reminds him that Kriv is the true leader of the clan, Kryath is only holding it in his absence as a sort of regent. Kryath gives Kriv a Sending Stone to keep in touch with the clan.

The party arrives in Silver Lake and meets Pok who is now a member of town watch. He greets everyone with enthusiasm. Regina Tress runs the town and has erected a fort around the gateway to the Feywild on Wolfheart Isle. During a brief confrontation in the Big House, she stubbornly refuses to allow the party back through the gateway, claiming reopening it would jeopardize the safety of the town.

They head over to the Merry Face hoping ale and meade will loosen the lips of the town’s denizens. No one wants to talk about the fort. Frustrated, Kriv goes back to Regina and tells her about the Devourer and asks her if she has seen the stars shift. Regina’s eyes pop open and she admits she has seen the phenomenon. She realizes the urgency and takes the party to the fort.

Passing into the fort they come to a giant cage fixed over the gateway. The corpses of strange fey creatures lay dead or dying all around. Regina explains that the gateway has not stayed closed, and mad creatures come through several times a day. In order to protect the town she has lied about the gateway and kept the town safe with the fort.

Kriv suggests she be honest with her people so they may rise to the challenge and be stronger. Regina is hesitant but eventually agrees. She asks Kriv to accompany her when she addresses the town.

Regina and Kriv reveal the truth to the townspeople to their shock and dismay. Kriv asks them to find the strength in themselves, to learn to fight. We all live on the edge of danger in this land, and it is the responsibility of every good being to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

Suddenly the gateway opens and out pops the Maiden of the Moon, who throws a member of the Jagged Fang clan to the floor. “I caught her, finally!” she exclaims.

She recognizes the party and tells them she has been looking for them. She is to take them to the Garden of Graves where a foul power is sucking energy from the Feywild. The party follows her through the gateway and sets out for the Garden.

During the journey, the Maiden of the Moon tells the party that the Devourer is a wizard. He has made a perversion of the sacred shrines. Tiandra urged caution, Oran argued otherwise. Tiandra is now enslaved. The Garden of Graves is the source of the power that is devouring the Feywild. The mages of Astrolasian (sp?) pointed to the Garden before they too fell to the Devourer.

They reach the Garden at night. On one of the gravestones is carved a poem:

Count you the shadows, watch the sun,
The wise know where they stand;
While knowing not the time to shun,
The fools must find themselves undone.

Like lustful swain or panicked child
Who beg another’s gentle hand,
The fool delves heedless through the wild.
The wise are not so soon beguiled.

When darkness falls and dreams portend
The rising of a fearsome foe,
The fool, swift-striking, meets his end,
The wise know foe from friend.

Let art and image point the way,
Abandon all you think you know,
For common sense leads fool astray.
The key is simply this: Obey.

The wise must ever strategize;
They never play, unless to win.
They see the harm in comfort’s lies,
And seek to open weary eyes.

You’ve fought your way, you’ve risked demise,
To view the ivy heart within.
Now as the soul within you dies,
This knowledge is your only prize:
You’d never have come, were you truly wise.

Enri uses Object Reading on the gravestone and is rewarded with the following visions:

  1. A group of Eladrin adventurers wearing armor of the Frost Prince approach the stone steps
  2. Two centaurs with bows strung, satyrs, mars of Oran the Green Lord
  3. Piled on stones, corpses of Eladrin in mithril, ghouls and undead picking flesh off bones, stones are covered in blood. It is day.
  4. Black wagons drawn by skeletal horses, an elf girl led forward in chains. It is night.
  5. Stones are clean. A young tiefling male in a wizard’s cloak, marked with the sigil of the Astrolasian guild, looks directly at us and smiles like the Devourer.

Enri also casts Hand of Fate. She asks it if it would be better to go back, go forward at night, or wait until dawn. It points towards the second choice.

They reach a chamber and are confronted by three human statues blocking the exit. One is a young girl, the next is a middle-aged woman, and the last is an old woman. They are all wearing rags, like beggars, and stand with their hands outstretched as if begging for money. They seem newer than the chamber, as if they were added recently.

The party places a gold piece in the hands of the young girl. The old woman attacks!

Devourer 1.1

After beating down the statue of the old woman, the puzzle resets. This time they try to place coins in each of the statues’ hands. The old woman attacks again!

Frustrated, they force the statue to move out of position and shift past the statues during the battle.

The chamber exits into a green field. Some tents and campfires burn nearby. In the distance a strange obelisk floats above the ground.

In the tents, Enri finds a Staff of Elemental Prowess +3.

500XP each
Kriv spends 200gp on (2) healing potions
Kriv spends 350gp on an Elixir of Flying for Thohand
Staff of Elemental Prowess +3 for Enri

Ironstone Academy, Finale
The Academy has been destroyed, but Bitterstrike seeks her revenge!

Previously in Days of High Adventure…
* Enri left her home in the Fey Forest when her protector, Griffin, died, leaving her nothing but her budding magical knowledge and a thirst for adventure
* Griffin, along with the rest of the Battlemages were trapped and defeated in the Shafowfell by the Devourer, a villain bent on collapsing every plane of existence.
* In order to keep Ironstone from being used to further The Devourer’s plans, the party detonated the Academy’s Arcane Forge.
* On their way through the keep, Bitterstrike, and Adult White Dragon looking for her lost Eye, grabs her battle armor and heads out.
* In the Academy’s Aerie, Enri inherited Griffin’s Hippogriff, and named it Noble. She tamed, with some success another Hippogriff.
* Suddenly, from above come the sounds of Bitterstrike, following Kriv and searching for the party, roaring with pain and rage.

The party takes flight on the hippogriffs just as Bitterstrike reaches the roof of the Academy. Knowing they may not be as effective in the air, they descend to the roof to battle Bitterstrike on foot.

Ironstone Academy Finale 1

Kriv jumps from his hippogriff to Bitterstrike’s back, but Smoke knocks the dragon prone. Kriv rolls out of the way to avoid being crushed. She flies away, knocking Adrie into the water far below.

Ironstone Academy Finale 2

Thohand fights bravely but is nearly killed, and falls to the water below, unconscious. Adrie, who had been climbing the Academy to rejoin the battle, jumps back into the water to administer a healing potion to Thohand. They both call to one of the hippogriffs to fly down and pick them up.

Meanwhile, Enri, Kriv and Smoke continue to fight Bitterstrike. Enri is nearly killed, but is saved by Noble who grabs her and attempts to fly her to safety. Bitterstrike swipes at Noble and kills the hippogriff, and Enri falls into the water below.

Thohand guides his hippogriff over the roof, drops Adrie into the battle, then flies over to Enri to heal her. He then swoops around and drops onto Bitterstrike from above, severing the chain clasp holding her gleaming mithril and bronze dragon armor together. Thohand’s attack is so mighty that all allies within range are healed.

With reduced defenses, Bitterstrike becomes desperate and claws Kriv’s bag of dragon eyes. She is able to free her eye which she swallows. As she tries to fly off, Thohand deals a killing stroke. Kriv retrieves the eye from her carcass.

The party regroups on a beach. In the distance is the Academy, slowly sinking into the water.

Sam emerges from his bottle and inducts Enri into the Battle Mages. She is now known as The Foeburner Mage. All knowledge of her true name has been forgotten.

Remembering Griffon’s advice to seek out the knowledge of the wizards of the Feywild, they set out for the location of the only fey passage they know: Silver Lake.

5000XP/5=1000XP each for Bitterstrike
Plus 600XP each

Ironstone Academy, Part 4
Detonating the Arcane Furnace is the easy part!

The group decides to visit the Vault before seeing Grablin. As they approach, they hear a booming voice arguing with Bitterstrike. They peek out and see a frost giant with her.

The giant is telling Bitterstrike that it is not safe here and that he will lead his people north. Bitterstrike tries to put on armor and they both leave.

The front of the vault has been covered with stonework carved in the shape of the Devourer. Enri’s familiars do not remember that being there before. Enri casts Object Reading and receives three visions:

  1. A black haired figure with a book in one hand tries to cross through the doorway to the vault. His back bears the sigil of Orcus. As he steps through he is vaporized.
  2. Undead artisans – Wights and Ghouls – carve the Devourer into the stonework. A tall dark figure directs them.
  3. Griffon coming out of the vault but there is no carving of the Devourer.

The party decides to skip the vault and proceed to the arcane furnace.

Once there, Enri’s presence activates Grablin, who turns out to be a construct. They convince Grablin of the need to destroy the Academy, and he agrees, but warns them they must immediately proceed to the Aerie where the Academy kept its flying mounts. He goes over to a dradle-pillar carved in dwarven runes and throws it into the fires of the forge. All the magical wards of the Academy come off and the party experiences the feeling of falling as they try to escape to the Aerie.

Suddenly out of the bowels of the forge spring two Volcanic Dragons. They appear to have been kept prisoner beneath the Academy, powering the forge with their fire breath. Kriv tries to speak to them as brothers, to tell them they have been set free from their horrible imprisonment. The dragons do not listen and attack.

Seeing this as a diversion, the party only attacks to defend themselves as they attempt to leave the arcane furnace.

Once out of the furnace, they climb a high tower to the Aerie. On the way they are beset upon by Giant Dire Bats. They barely make it to the Aerie alive.

Enri is able to tame the Hippogriffs into bearing the party away from the Academy. She names her own mount “Noble” and as they take off they hear Bitterstrike on the roof of the Aerie.

XP/GP Summary
600XP each, including Vashta.

Ironstone Academy, Part 3
Exploring the depths of Ironstone Academy

Previously in Days of High Adventure…
* Enri left her home in the Fey Forest when her protector, Griffin, died, leaving her nothing but her budding magical knowledge and a thirst for adventure
* A magic chest made its way to Enri, full of Griffin’s belongings: A mysterious cedar box with two identical figurines, a black coat with silver pins, and a bottle imp named Sam warning that the Beacon has been activated at Ironstone keep, a long-closed Wizards War College in the Dawnforge Mountains – Griffin is in fact alive, according to Sam, and he will surely know what to do
* Griffin is alive but only viewable in a shard of a magical glass mirror, seeming to show a darker, emptier version of reality. He appears to be searching for something, battling unseen foes
* The party has reactivated the arcane furnaces in the depth of the keep, and has just come to the lowest part of the College, the Arcane Library and its mysterious mithril door leading to the War Mages’ private chambers.

Vashta returns to the alchemy lab and finds a couple of rituals. One for Enri and one for himself. He finds an a fused solid crystal in the shape of an ink bottle, orange in color.

They turn to the large door and see that it is made of mithril. It has two plates each with one keyhole. There is a silver key in the right side keyhole. Turning the key in either keyhole produces no results. Enri tries casting Knock on the door but the room just shakes as the door resists her spell. The shaking causes the strange orange crystal to roll across the room. As soon as it comes into contact with Enri, an imp is released!

This imp is different from Sam. It introduces itself as Constanza the Librarian. She has not been out of her ink bottle for 100 years. When asked about the key in the door, Constanza tells the party that they must make a duplicate of the key for the other keyhole first. She tells Enri that Griffin had a device for making duplicates, a cedar box of some kind.

Enri pulls out the cedar box from Griffin’s trunk, opens it, and removes the silver and cloth figures. She places the single silver key from the door inside the cedar box and closes it. One of the silver and cloth figures vanishes. Inside the cedar box are two identical silver keys.

Vashta puts both keys in the door and is able to open it. The party enters and Constanza follows. They enter a corridor that expands and grows stairwells as they move through it. Constanza explains that they are entering into the war mages’ domain, where there are magic weapons, and where the furnace keeper Grablin runs the forge. Sam has everyone hold hands and step forward. Griffin’s quarters materialize around them.

The party rummages through Griffin’s quarters but finds no weapons. They do find 400GP of reagent, an augmenting whetstone, and a potion of healing. Also in the room is a collection of unusual items, probably from Griffin’s adventures. There is a big giant helmet with a gash across the front. In a small gold coffin is the skeleton of a pixie. An engraving in Elven reads “Tallanor” – Vashta takes the pixie skeleton to add to his macabre collection of items.

They step into a small side chamber that appears to be Griffin’s scrying room. There is a large, four foot diameter bowl containing a pool of liquid, and focii along the walls.

Enri puts one of Griffin’s pins into the pool. The pool glows, bathing the room in purple light. A voice says “Focus accepted, Mage. What do you wish to see?”

“Griffin” says Enri.

The party sees a reflection of a pool where Griffin is looking at them. He recognizes Enri. He appears to be in bad shape. They are able to pass Griffin a healing potion through the pool. He drinks it. Constanza looks in and a large chainmail fist grabs her and pulls her in!

Everyone jumps into the pool to go after Constanza. They re-materialize in a strange, mirror world. The air smells of ash and it is dark. Griffin is laying by the pool.

Also in the room are two dark creatures. They threaten the party and are answered with Thohand’s battle cry. Enri administers a potion to Griffin who says he has been hit by a soul drain by a demi-lich. He hands her a Necklace of Fireballs and passes out again. In the middle of the fight the two creatures flee, but out of the pool rises a beholder!

During the battle, Kriv is killed! Eventually the other members of the party are able to kill the beholder. A ghostly form of Kriv appears above his body. He is staring down at his body, confused.

Along one wall of the room are windows. Outside, hundreds of thousands of dark figures are moaning. Vashta takes a bundle of the beholder’s eyestalks. Enri tries to cast Remove Affliction on Griffin but he stops her and tells her he is already dead. A shade of himself lives on here in the Shadowfell. But Kriv’s physical body can be raised from the dead if it is returned to the mortal plane before the ritual is performed. In either case, a shade of Kriv will live on here as well.

Griffin goes on to explain that the mages of the Academy were tricked by an adversary now known as the Devourer. It is attacking three planes: Mortal, Shadowfell and Feywild all at once. He tells the party they must destroy the Academy as it is connecting the mortal plane to this place. Grablin at the furnaces will know how to destroy the school. They should also try to recover as much as possible from the Vault.

Griffin answers various questions from the party. He tells them that the mirror can see into the Feywild and the Shadowfell from the same location in the mortal plane. He laughs when asked about the pixie coffin and explains that it was a gift from a Fomorian king.

He instructs the party to seek out knowledge from the wizards of the Feywild. They will have sensed the Devourer’s presence.

He turns to the shade of Kriv and asks if he will adventure here with him. Kriv agrees and they leave together.

Once back in the mortal plane, Enri casts Raise Dead on Kriv’s corpse. He rises, and gladly reimburses Enri for the ritual components she used. He also promises to try not to die again.

XP/GP Summary:
400 GP Reagent to Enri
Augmenting Whetstone to Kriv
Potion of Healing to Adrie
Pixie corpse in coffin to Vashta
Bundle of beholder eyestalks to Vashta
Kriv 500GP to Enri for Raise Dead
680XP each

Ironstone Academy, Part 2
Inside the Academy, a mystery awaits

The party enters through the front gates of Ironstone Academy. Enri notices that the wards have been destroyed. And the party enters unimpeded.

They enter what appears to be a study. Near the window is a faintly glowing book. It appears to be a register of some kind, for it has pages and pages of different names. A floating quill signs the names of each of the party members as they come closer. Flipping back some of the pages reveals that Griffin was in the Academy three weeks ago.

The lighting in the room dims and the light outside the window darkens.

From another room come the sounds of spellcasting. The party investigates and discovers three mages performing a ritual. One introduces himself as Tyrene, and explains that they are trying to strengthen the wards of the Academy.

Ironstone Academy 2 Penanggalan

Vashta runs back to the book and is unable to find Tyrene’s name on any of the pages. When confronted with this fact, Tyrene and the mages turn into horrific monsters! Sores, blisters, and boils fester across their bodies, oozing with a dark, contaminating ichor. Enri recognizes them as Penanggalan, a type of undead with shapechanging abilities.

After dispatching the Penanggalan, Enri and Vashta complete the warding ritual to protect the Academy from attack. Bitterstrike is still outside, somewhere.

The party finds a large, standing mirror in the room. Enri performs object reading on it and receives five visions:

  1. Three witches talking to a frost giant who disappears
  2. Griffin covered in blood, searching the mirror. He turns around and casts a cloudkill spell against a horde of creatures swarming into the room
  3. Academy students massacred by an army of the undead, arms blown off. Mummies and vampires in an all-out fight
  4. Class in progress, room full of battlemages
  5. In a dark dusty room, the mirror is covered with a shroud. An arm comes out of the mirror and flips it upside down.

Vashta flips the mirror. The party still sees reflections of themselves. Vashta flips it again and they see a fey woman in a dark cloak. She casts a spell and the mirror explodes.

The party moves on to explore the rest of the Academy. They enter a narrow hallway that intersects a mysterious rune. Not wanting to take any changes, Vashta teleports the party past the rune to avoid tripping any wards or traps.

In one chamber they discover an alchemy lab, where they find 200GP in reagent. A large door on the other side appears to be frozen shut, and large footprints can be seen in the ground leading toward it.

In another chamber they discover what appear to be communal baths. In the center of the room is a large statue of a hydra. The water has frozen solid; hot water appears to come through a large valve that has been shut off. Vashta turns the valve and the ice begins to thaw.

As the ice thaws, the hydra statue moves! From out of the water come two drakes!

The party battles the hydra and the drakes, cutting off heads from the hydra only to see more heads sprout from its body. Eventually the party overcomes the monsters, and takes a well-earned rest.

XP/GP Summary
633GP to Kriv
633GP to Vashta
133GP to Enri
Topaz to Enri
Object reading performed – 5 visions

1200XP each

Ironstone Academy, Part 1
A mysterious box and an old enemy appear...

Tamara‘s sister approaches, bringing a man who is sick and covered with blood. He is struggling with a large trunk. He says "it’s not my fault – it’s the box." – and the party recognizes him as their long time nemesis,Tholomin Pegason!

The box moves and shakes. Kriv’s superstitions make him back away. It is covered with dwarven runes. Tholomin explains that he was shipped down south of the temple where he devotes himself to the studies of the clerics of Sehanine. He tells the party that the box has been tormenting him, following him, and whispering to him in his sleep to find it’s master. He had no idea he’d meet Lost and Found!

Vashta changes into ooze form and enters the box, only to encounter a being who clearly wants him out. Something pokes him and stabs at him in the darkness of the trunk, so he exits quickly and returns to his normal form. He puts on his special glasses to read the runes. They say Star, Silver Wing and Red Dragon. Vashta tries to kiss the box but it bumps him in the face. Enri kisses it and it opens, after solving a riddle.

Inside are a cedar box with gold corners, inlaid with a sigil of two griffins. There is a small pillow and three pins: a star in silver, a wing in gold, and a dragon in platinum. A man’s robe, jacket. The items appear to be mundane, but the pins stink of magic. Enri opens the cedar box, but there is nothing inside. There are two tiny statues, toys, perfectly identical, worked in silver and cloth. These are Griffin’s things, recalls Enri – these were her toys while she was raised by Griffin. There is a bottle of ink under the robe. It casts red light and is slightly warm to the touch. Vashta uses his knowledge of history to determine that the pins are of Nerathi origin.

Out of the ink bottle pops a red imp!

Ironstone Academy 1.1 Sam the Bottle Imp

The imp knows Enri – he is Sam the Imp, Griffin’s familiar. He is adamant that Griffin is not dead else he would have been released from service. He tells Enri that someone has set off the alarm at Ironstone Academy where Griffin worked. It is calling for help, and he asks Enri if she will go with him there to find out what has happened.

The party heads to Five-League House, whereVashta Nerada knows a certain gypsy was last seen. He is able to make contact with Glimmerkin, a trader of dark items, and procures some unusual beans. A brief conversation with the barmaid Girta leads Vashta to the stables where the gypsy is with her cart.

Ironstone Academy 1.2 Vashta trades dark items

The gypsy Gwaelyn, and her assistant Lily Bonecaller, gift Vashta with a mysterious set of shimmering underclothes. Gwaelyn asks Vashta if he will let her give him a reading. He agrees. Under trance, his hand draws an image of The Devourer.

Ironstone Academy 1.3 Vashta Gypsy Silken Gift

The party continues on towards Ironstone Academy. They climb the foothills with cheerful Sam trading barbs with Vashta. Soon they are surrounded by snow. Sam alerts the party that up ahead is a settlement run by Geordie Tucker the Steel Jaw Mage but as they approach they see that the signpost has been modified. “Tucker’s Landing” has been changed to “Tucker’s Kobolds” in a crude manner.

They enter the settlement to find bodies and wood fragments in the various buildings, and no one is around. There is a vast cave beyond. Vashta goes around and disarms a trap. He probes ahead with his spear. Kriv moves forward and sets off a trap. From out of the cave, Kobold Ice Cleavers attack!

Ironstone Academy 1.4 Kobold Ice Cleavers

Ironstone Academy 1.5

Out of the cave comes a huge machine, apparently operated by kobolds inside the top section.

Ironstone Academy 1.55 Iron Ice Golem Closeup

The party soon puts down the kobolds and their unholy creation.

Ironstone Academy 1.6 Iron Ice Golem

They enter the cave but discover they have to quickly navigate through a series of doors while avoiding traps. At the same time, water is rushing into the cave, threatening to drown them all.
Near the exit is a throne is covered with writing. Vashta is only able to glance briefly at the inscription while making his way out of the room. The throne tells of the dragon Bitterstrike and her mighty horde. There is an engraving of a dragon that has been partially vandalized; the face of the dragon has been scratched out.

Ironstone Academy 1.7 Navigating the traps

They make it into the next cavern, and are confronted by a huge white dragon!

Ironstone Academy 1.8 Bitterstrike

“Who has entered my icy domain?” she roars. She seems full of hate. “He took it from me! The traitor!” – the party notices that one of her eyes is missing. Kriv reaches down to his pouch of eyes nervously.

“You have it! Give it to me!” Bitterstrike screeches and attacks.

During the battleAdrie is able to climb up onto Bitterstrike’s back to deliver some of her melee attacks.

Ironstone Academy 1.9 Adrie on Bitterstrike

Bitterstrike, nearly defeated, flies away.

The party comes to the main entrance to Ironstone Academy. None of the torches are burning and the doors are frozen shut. Above the doors an inscription reads “For the defense of Nerath until the end of ages.”

XP/GP Summary

1150XP each
Kriv buys (4) 40GP Water Walking Potions for himself and Thohand
Enri spends 350GP on a Flying Potion for herself


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