Vashta Nerada

Tiefling Warlock



> Abandoned as a baby at the gates of a human mining town and raised by a human woman there.
> Mother was murdered as a heretic by the townsfolk.
> Was tricked into a ritual that sacrificed the entire town to create a Homunculus to replace his mother’s body.
> The same demon stole the body and vanished without a trace.
> Rescued from the disintegrating mine by Lorelei
> His mother’s charred corpse bore a ring that had the inscription, “For my most outstanding pupil, Warlock Saro.”
> Wishes to atone for the atrocity the demon tricked him into performing by destroying it.


> Discover the identity of the Warlock Saro and the relationship to his mother.
> Locate the wandering homonculus harboring the demon and either banish or destroy it.
> If the process of eliminating the demon does not destroy the homonculus, locate a person with significant enough divine power to restore his mother’s soul to it.
> Discover more about the demon-transforming sorceress from the Fey Wild, Rubiss.
> Locate a new pair of silky black boxers created by a gypsy that was a former royal belly dancer.

Minor Quest Haiku:
Comfy Silk Boxers
Rests On My Rump Ever Soft
Thanks Gypsy Woman

Vashta Nerada

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