Faren Markelhay

Lord Warden of Fallcrest


Faren is a thoughtful, well-meaning ruler who is descended from a great hero who saved the city of Fallcrest from terrible danger.

He employs as advisors Tarsus Nighteye, the seer; and Commander Laird, Commander of the Fallcrest Militia.

When Fallcrest was once more threatened by the Bloodspear Orcs, preceding the events of the adventure The Siege of Fallcrest, he evacuated his people to the Upper City behind defenses.

The mercenary force belonging to Clarissa DeGarmond which was sent to aid Faren was not allowed to be quartered in the city.

Faren sent the party to parlay with the Bloodspear Orc Chieftain Og Skullsplitter in the adventure The Siege of Fallcrest, Part 2.

Faren Markelhay

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