Clarissa DeGarmond

Beautiful, high-strung mercenary commander with claims to nobility


Clarissa hails from the Western Baronies and claims to hold a noble title there, though if questioned for specifics she dissembles and no information is forthcoming. She commands a troop of mercenaries who are expert fighters and completely loyal to her.

Clarissa is a key figure in the court of Pelin Strongblade. She does not, however, have many friends in that court, and many rivals.

The last two years have been tough on Clarissa’s forces. While at one time she commanded a company of over 200 regulars, her force currently boasts less than half that. It’s rumored (by her detractors) that only two dozen or so men from the force she first brought east still remain in her employ, the rest having left at one time or another.

Clarissa’s money is running dry and her influence thinning, and she is looking for every opportunity to curry favor in the court of Pelin Strongblade. Her primary rival in that court was Pelin’s confidante Debushar. Debushar was revealed by the party to be scheming to overthrow Pelin and Clarissa enjoys much higher prestige thanks to the party.

Clarissa tasked the party with going into Gardbury Manor and retrieving a treasure said to be at the bottom, in the lair of the Beastmen. The party completed this task in the adventure Beauties and the Beastmen, Part II.

She now has possession of an ivory mask which is said to give her control somehow of Gnolls which infest the area.

Clarissa rewarded the party with horses and a wagon in the adventure Bark at the Moon, Part I. It was uncertain what she might expect in return.

At the end of the adventure Bark at the Moon, Part IV, Clarissaa sent word the the party that Fallcrest was under siege by Orcs, and her sizable mercenary force of 1200 fighting men was encircled. She tasked the party with running the blockade, gain entry to the city, and helping her troops escape. The party took on this quest in the adventure The Siege of Fallcrest.

Clarissa DeGarmond

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