Mysterious, likeable trainer of courtesans.


Ander is a gregarious, likable halfling who runs a school for courtesans in Fallcrest.

His courtesans are almost exclusively elf or half-elf females. Perspective courtesans apply freely to his school, those who are accepted have their choice of court appointments from the human baronies to the west to Hammerfast to the east.

Ander met Enri before the adventure Kriv meets Enri, he helped her get into the town of Hamber.

Later, one of Ander’s representatives, Adrie, contacted the party in Winterhaven in the adventure Beauties and the Beastmen, Part I. While not particularly interested on taking the assignment to find a missing courtesan in the court of warlord Pelin Strongblade.

The party foiled an assassination attempt on Ander’s life in Fallcrest during the adventure The Siege of Fallcrest, Part 3.


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