The Days of High Adventure

Thrown to the Four Winds

Previously, in Days of High Adventure…
Lost and Found are the heroes of Diyun, conquerors of the mysterious lord Kagamungo, allies of its new ruler Tisha, and have stolen a Map they believe will lead them to Skull Island, the site of The Devourer’s original Tomb.
The map itself is unreadable without opening the Book of Vile Darkness, a volume said to corrupt any who touch it, written in part by The Devourer himself.
Tempted by the power of the Book, hounded by agents of Lolth and the Iron Circle who wish to possess it, and still searching for a way to Skull Island, Lost and Found will seek the Temple of the Four Winds, dedicated to the four “Free Gods”, hoping to gain the impossible – an audience with a God.



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