The Days of High Adventure

The Tournament, Part 1


Having re-established the city of Hammerfast, Kriv and Willaver trade goods with a local orc merchant. Petril Louken finds them and presents an invitation to Kriv to participate in a grand tournament hosted by Alan West in Fallcrest.

The party generally ignores Petril, knowing him as one of Alan West’s sycophants. Ever persistent, Petril says he will meet the party in the morning to “escort” them to the tournament.

The party decides to avoid Petril and set out for Fallcrest that evening. Kriv pulls out his Tuathan Road Whistle and uses it to help expedite their journey. On their way, they stop at Fiveleague House to purchase some magic items from Glimmerkin.

TT1-01 Five League House

TT1-02 Dinner with Nobles of Nerath

The Tournament Dinner Guest List:
Lost and Found
Enri Foeburner
Willaver Spellsword
Thohand Songsteel
The Court of Alan West
Alan West, Duke of Westerland
Clarissa DeGarmond, Baroness of Gardmore Abbey
Regina Tress, Baroness of Silver Lake
Tarsus Nighteye, Former Court Wizard to Moonstone Keep
Shikasi Nighteye, Court Wizard
Faren Markelhay, Lord Warden of Fallcrest, Marquis of the Nentir Vale
Petril Louken, Herald of Alan West, Sheriff of Fallcrest
Esteemed Guests
Vincent Gravelstoke, Sheriff of Harkenwold
Penna Whispergleam, Diyun Ambassador, Cleric of Sehanine
Bartleby Ous’Ulvir, Drow Moneychanger
The Knights
Sir Bax Braveheart, Lord of Five-League House
Sir Dolan Padraig, Lord of Shadowfell Keep

Kriv asks Bartleby if he knows any followers of Lolth.

Shikasi Night-Eye seems upset at at the sight of Kriv, and whispers to Enri that the “unsouled” should not be permitted to walk among us.

Alan West grants Enri, Willaver and Kriv various titles.

That night, the party is woken up by Shikasi Night-Eye and her followers. They have come for Kriv.

TT1-03 Dawn Killers

TT1-04 Dawn Killers 2



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