The Days of High Adventure

The Tomb of Horrors, Part 1

Previously, in Days of High Adventure…
Acererak the Devourer has returned to life somehow, and has constructed two arcane engines, in the Feywild and Shadowfell, to drain those realms of their essence to further a mysterious plot to channel planar energy for his personal use
The party seeks a means to find the location of Skull Island, the location of the Tomb of Horrors, Acererak the Devourer’s original tomb, where he is worshipped as a god.
Lost and found travelled to the Temple of the Four Winds, worldly realm of the four Free Gods, seeking the help of Corellon, the God of Magic. After passing a test of magic skill and meeting Corellon’s keeper, the faun archangel Malbior, they used a magic globe and spyglass to contact an aspect of Corellon and petition him for assistance.
Corellon grants the party the use of an enchanted hourglass to find Skull Island. It does indeed take them directly to Skull Island – to Acererak’s tomb itself!



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