The Days of High Adventure

The Green Stone City

Previously, in Days of High Adventure…
Lost and Found have come to the city of Diyun, the Hanging City, seeking information about the legend of Skull City, and passage from the shores of Nerath.
Kagamungo, Diyun’s mysterious ruler, has charged the party to go down into the Green Stone City to find the Hag Mullangora and procure an item that Kagamungo wants. “You’ll know it when you see it,”
An abandoned ruin at the waterline of Diyun, the Green Stone City is a network of collapsed, ancient structures and reeking caverns, the final resting places of wrecked ships hulls, and home to mysterious denisens, both natural and unnatural.
Before heading off on their task, Lost and Found wishes to travel to the Royal Treasure casino, to meet a gnomish artifact trader named Zap Bizdin.



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