The Days of High Adventure

Lords of Diyun, Part 2

Previously, in Days of High Adventure…
Lost and Found have come to the city of Diyun, the Hanging City, a city blockaded by the Iron Circle pirate band, seeking information about the legend of Skull City, and passage from the shores of Nerath.
Kagamungo, Diyun’s mysterious ruler, is in posession of a map, showing the location of Skull Island, which the party has decided to steal.
Lost and Found has traded in their old ship, the Sure Strike, for a captured Iron Circle Caravel, Glory of Chaos. Captain Roche Teezle and Puddleby stay on with the party.
The party is now in posession of the Book of Vile Darkness, said to be Acererak’s personal journal of his studies when he walked the mortal plane. Any who open the book are bound to it and its corrupting magic.
The book is desired by every evil creature and faction, and the party will have no rest while it is in their possession. They need someone to willingly read it using the Book of VIle Darkness.
But first, the map.



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