The Days of High Adventure

Lords of Diyun

Previously, in Days of High Adventure…
Lost and Found have come to the city of Diyun, the Hanging City, a city blockaded by the Iron Circle pirate band, seeking information about the legend of Skull City, and passage from the shores of Nerath.
Kagamungo, Diyun’s mysterious ruler, has offered to give the party a map, showing the location of Skull Island, in exchange for bringing him the Book of Vile Darkness, a cursed volume bound in human flesh.
Tisha, an extravagant Tiefling merchant, and owner of the Royal Treasure Casino, also wishes to posess the artifact, believing that she can overthrow Kagamungo.
Lost and Found hires a blockade runner ship, the Sure Strike, and takes on its captain and first mate Roche Teezle and Puddleby, for passage.
In the Green Stone City, the heroes meet Mullangora, a filth hag, who shows them the way to the undercity, past sunken streets to the lair of the Chaos Dragon Nilor Bolias.
Rejecting Nilor Bolias’ demands to bring him the book, the party destroys him and makes their own way to the Dark Pantheon, a chapel where the most evil of Gods are worshipped.
There, Willaver swears an oath to Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells. With this oath, the party recovers the Book of Vile Darkness, only to discover they have awoken an Earth Titan, ancient guardian of the Green Stone City!



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