The Days of High Adventure

Ironstone Academy, Finale

The Academy has been destroyed, but Bitterstrike seeks her revenge!

Previously in Days of High Adventure…
* Enri left her home in the Fey Forest when her protector, Griffin, died, leaving her nothing but her budding magical knowledge and a thirst for adventure
* Griffin, along with the rest of the Battlemages were trapped and defeated in the Shafowfell by the Devourer, a villain bent on collapsing every plane of existence.
* In order to keep Ironstone from being used to further The Devourer’s plans, the party detonated the Academy’s Arcane Forge.
* On their way through the keep, Bitterstrike, and Adult White Dragon looking for her lost Eye, grabs her battle armor and heads out.
* In the Academy’s Aerie, Enri inherited Griffin’s Hippogriff, and named it Noble. She tamed, with some success another Hippogriff.
* Suddenly, from above come the sounds of Bitterstrike, following Kriv and searching for the party, roaring with pain and rage.

The party takes flight on the hippogriffs just as Bitterstrike reaches the roof of the Academy. Knowing they may not be as effective in the air, they descend to the roof to battle Bitterstrike on foot.

Ironstone Academy Finale 1

Kriv jumps from his hippogriff to Bitterstrike’s back, but Smoke knocks the dragon prone. Kriv rolls out of the way to avoid being crushed. She flies away, knocking Adrie into the water far below.

Ironstone Academy Finale 2

Thohand fights bravely but is nearly killed, and falls to the water below, unconscious. Adrie, who had been climbing the Academy to rejoin the battle, jumps back into the water to administer a healing potion to Thohand. They both call to one of the hippogriffs to fly down and pick them up.

Meanwhile, Enri, Kriv and Smoke continue to fight Bitterstrike. Enri is nearly killed, but is saved by Noble who grabs her and attempts to fly her to safety. Bitterstrike swipes at Noble and kills the hippogriff, and Enri falls into the water below.

Thohand guides his hippogriff over the roof, drops Adrie into the battle, then flies over to Enri to heal her. He then swoops around and drops onto Bitterstrike from above, severing the chain clasp holding her gleaming mithril and bronze dragon armor together. Thohand’s attack is so mighty that all allies within range are healed.

With reduced defenses, Bitterstrike becomes desperate and claws Kriv’s bag of dragon eyes. She is able to free her eye which she swallows. As she tries to fly off, Thohand deals a killing stroke. Kriv retrieves the eye from her carcass.

The party regroups on a beach. In the distance is the Academy, slowly sinking into the water.

Sam emerges from his bottle and inducts Enri into the Battle Mages. She is now known as The Foeburner Mage. All knowledge of her true name has been forgotten.

Remembering Griffon’s advice to seek out the knowledge of the wizards of the Feywild, they set out for the location of the only fey passage they know: Silver Lake.

5000XP/5=1000XP each for Bitterstrike
Plus 600XP each



Ironstone Academy, Finale

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