The Days of High Adventure

City of the Dead, Part 5

While the party rests, Kriv uses the Sending Stone to contact the Clan. He is able to reach Kryath, who reports that Talon Padraig chose not to ally with Kryath’s people against Alan West. The Clan is camped in the Moon Hills, near Fallcrest, and is about to cross the Witchlight Fens. The Fens are controlled by the Gravelstoke family of Harkenwold. He suggests Kriv speak with the merchants of Diyune regarding rumors of Vor Rukoth. Kriv mentions the tiefling spy and Kryath identifies him as Petril Louken, an agent of Alan West’s.

The ritual appears to be awakening Callastrix, she has been listening to the party and attempts to broker a deal for her freedom. She offers up the Watcher’s true name: Starris.

Enri uses the Watcher’s true name to summon him, and he appears. He tells the party of his evil plans.

COTD5-1 Starris

Meanwhile, Willaver “escapes” with Laerthar to parley with Nosnra. He asks Nosnra to leave Hammerfast, and promises to assist in fighting the fire giants.

COTD5-2 Nosnra

Frustrated by Starris’ twisted intepretation of the spirit of their agreement, Enri and Kriv convince Starris to take them to Willaver. We are all transported to Lyrane!

COTD5-3 Lyrane

Enri exchanges a gem for information on Callastrix. Lyrane shows Enri a carving of the city’s destruction long ago. In the carving, Callastrix has four heads instead of three!
Legends say Callastrix is immortal but Lyrane says Callastrix can be killed. She sees that we will find the Watcher’s phylactery and kill him at least once. She is surprised that we know of the Devourer.

Enri barters a kiss for more information. Lyrane tells them that Starris is NOT the Devourer.
The Devourer plays a longer game. We will next see him in the Shadowfell. Callastrix has no weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Her heads came to an agreement long ago that she should kill, own and dominate all.

The party leaves Lyrane behind and moves on through the ancient underground city. They come upon Callastrix frantically digging in the ground. She tells them she must retrieve Starris’ phylactery and bring it to him at once.

Kriv offers to help, but Callastrix becomes suspicious and attacks.

COTD5-4 Callastryx

Callastrix avoids melee attacks by flying above the party and attacking from out of range.

COTD5-5 Callastryx 2

During the battle, Willaver, Kriv and Thohand manage to tie rope lines to Callastrix and are able to kill her when she attempts to fly away to save her own life.

COTD5-6 Callastryx 3

Starris and Lyrane appear and attack.

COTD5-7 Fighting Lyrane

Willaver nearly kills Starris.

COTD5-8 Fighting Starris

Starris yields. The party demands that he stop his evil plans and learn to live peacefully with the citizens of Hammerfast. Starris agrees if they will give him his phylactery. Kriv refuses, and says he will personally keep it safe. Starris binds his phlactery to Kriv’s cursed statue of Lolth, binding it to Kriv’s fate.

9100XP/5=1820 for Callastrix
700XP each for RP
Dwarven Scale Armor +3 for Kriv
Plate Mail of Etherealness +4 for Willaver
5000GP diamond
2500GP sculpture of Bael Turathi empress
Flame Tongue Longsword +3 (25,000 GP)



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