The Days of High Adventure

City of the Dead, Part 4

Feramog flies the party to the mountain, where the orcs are already preparing defenses. While Feramog descends to drop them off, Enri shoots out blue and white fireworks, the colors of Hammerfast.

COTD4-1 Orcs

Their leader, Grosh Stormiron, challenges the party. Once appeased, he welcomes them and leads them into the cave where many kobolds are performing some kind of ritual around the frozen figure of Callastrix. The party learns from the kobolds that there are no other ways in or out of the cave.

COTD4-2 Callastrix Ritual

Grosh takes Kriv aside and asks him to lead his forces in defense of the mountain against Nosnra’s orcs. Willaver barely has time to set some explosives before the battle begins.

COTD4-3 Battle 1

The first of Willaver’s bombs to go off brings down the entire cave entrance.

COTD4-4 Battle 2

The second bomb brings down one of the columns supporting the cave ceiling.

COTD4-5 Battle 3

Lost and Found slays many giants, bugbears, and ogres. The stone giant Laerthar, the leader of this advance force, surrenders to Willaver before he is nearly killed.

COTD4-6 Versus

The party asks Laerthar what has driven the giants here. Laerthar says that fire giants are pushing them to Hammerfast. Something at Vor Rukoth is driving the giants out.

The party rests nervously, knowing that Nosnra’s full army is on their way, and the party’s “allies” – the Watcher and his people – are nowhere to be found.

611 XP each



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