The Days of High Adventure

City of the Dead, Part 3

A deal with two devils

The Watcher Below and his vampires agree to:

  1. Fight to stop Callastrix
  2. Fight to eject the giants and their allies or force peaceful coexistence with dwarves and orcs of Hammerfast
  3. Fight whatever force has pushed the giants to Hammerfast to begin with

Enri recognizes that the Watcher Below is a mage’s name and not his true name. He suggests we speak with Lyrane, a succubus imprisoned by the Empress of Bael Turath long ago in the depths of the underground city Tor Tormah. Lyrane will know the way under Nosnra’s steading.

COTD3-1 Lyrane

Lyrane dominates Kriv and he becomes a slave to her whims while Enri negotiates with her for information. Enri is able to get Lyrane to accept a gift of an Eladrin Circlet which Enri has been carrying for some time.

The party moves on, while Kriv, embarrassed, swears to the other party members that he will return here one day to destroy Lyrane.

The party travels through secret passages described by Lyrane and exits into a chamber with three doors. The next room they enter is occupied by Smolderheart the Fire Giant. Battle commences and is joined by ruffians who enter from a hall behind one of the other doors.

COTD3-2 Smolderheart

After, the party discovers that the arcane forge is powered by a Fire Elemental. Enri frees it and it heads out through the third door, which turns out to be a staircase leading up into the steading. The sounds of screams are heard as the fire elemental avenges itself for being held against its will in the forge for so long.

A door leads to a chamber where Feramog the Steel Dragon has been tortured by Nosnra for information on how to release Callastrix.

COTD3-3 Feramog

Feramog attacks the party! Enri is still in the corridor and cannot join the battle. She resorts to her ranged magical attacks while Kriv, Thohand, Willaver and Smoke fight Feramog into submission and knock it unconscious.

The party finds much treasure in chests.

Enri is able to use Remove Affliction to cure Feramog of madness, and Feramog awakes, thanks the party and tells them that Nosnra and the orcs are on their way to the cave of the Ember Dark kobolds, north of Hammerfast, to release Callastrix. Feramog says it will meet them at its lair later.

Kriv asks Feramog if it can help him find more of the eyes and hearts of Tiamat. Feramog suggest Kriv retrieve certain writings from Nosnra that might help.

Secret blacksmith manual for Thohand to craft Masterwork armor
500GP / 3 = 166, 167, 167 to each of three PCs
(2) potions of vitality
7500GP Jeweled Gold Scepter
2500GP Gold Embroidered Vest
500GP Cask of Dwarven Brandy
65,000GP +4 Sunleaf Leather Armor
25,000GP +3 Rod of Reaving
65,000GP +4 Cloak of Resistance
2,500GP platinum broach holy symbol of Lolth, which Willaver touches and activates the same curse Kriv has
500GP 4 gems
Wooden scroll tube map of lands east of dawnforge mountains, facts about strengths
DM says we can sell magic items at 50% (77,500GP)



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